Crackerjack Marketing

We get B2B.

That’s what clients say about our in-depth and extensive B2B focus. But it’s more than having a technical orientation – it’s knowing how to dig out product and company differentiators and present them creatively to highly targeted audiences who are then moved to action. We collaborate with our client partners to:
  • Identify what differentiates them in their market through investigation and research
  • Craft key messages that can be used consistently throughout all marketing channels
  • Build sales with impactful creative and appropriate content, using proven media and market strategies
  • Develop maximum return on investment by mining available channels and effectively utilizing content

Content is king.

In today's wired world, content is king and the more relevant and compelling content you can create to feed an insatiable appetite, the better. From concept development, through research and writing, to final production and placement, Crackerjack Marketing has you covered.

Collateral development
Sales promotion - theme development and execution
Public relations - plans, news releases, community relations
Website development
Corporate communications
Direct mail and email campaigns
Trade shows and support
Social media and online marketing
Advertising - creative development and media planning
Print, outdoor, business and consumer

Strategy is queen.

If content is king, then strategy is queen. Whether it's naming a product or company and supporting its launch, crafting messaging that will hit the hot buttons of your target market, or creating a plan that leverages content to build thought leadership, Crackerjack Marketing has the expertise and experience to ensure success.

Strategic positioning
Message development for key audiences
Thought leadership
Corporate identity
Marketing plans
Naming - company and product
Product nomenclature platforms
Product and company launch
Logos and taglines